Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Strava Fondo Challenge 2016 - update

Twelve long, monthly rides

If you read my last post, you'll know about why I set myself this challenge and how my progress was coming along. This post is admitting my failure in yet again not achieving my cycling goals (admittedly with the best excuse I could ever have!).

What I had planned

I was doing fine and had something special lined up for October's fondo. I was going to finish work on Friday 30th September and cycle to a campsite just outside of Newcastle and camp the night. Then on the first of October, I'd get up early and spend all day taking in the sights, sounds and presumably smells of the Northumberland coast and countryside as I rode National Cycle Network route 1 all the way up to Berwick-upon-Tweed. Upon reaching Berwick, I'd camp again and then take the train home from Berwick to Durham, then cycle along the old railways from Durham back home. Sounds ideal! I've never done any of this type of cycling, a sort of mini cycle tour so was really looking forward to it.

What actually happened

Basically, my wife went into labour and gave birth to our daughter, Erin, 7 weeks early! Actually there were signs that the pregnancy was starting to get complicated, so Rebecca needed steroid injections in case the baby came early, one shot on Friday 30th September and one shot on Saturday 1st October. It's just as well as Erin came into the world on Sunday 2nd October.

Tiny toes
Technically, she was born just before 4pm. I was due to be home around 12pm on the Sunday, so I probably could have done the mini-tour and not missed anything! However, that would have been really selfish and ultimately, there are more important things than cycling. Not many, but a few exist!

What is weird and freaked me out a bit lot, is the fact that Erin came as I was about to embark on a cycling trip away from home. When Seth was born, I was supposed to be on a cross country coast to coast trip. On both occasions, I had my bikes prepped, gear packed and all ready for the off.

Going forward

October's distance is not looking too good there...

Well, the Strava challenge is off, but I'll hopefully complete November and December. I will start commuting more regularly as I have barely had any time on the bike since Erin was born. We were through at Durham hospital everyday and with Rebecca having a Cesarean section, she couldn't drive. I did manage one commute and hospital visit by bicycle which felt like a rare old treat! Hopefully I will start to increase my monthly distances again. And if we ever decide to have any more kids, get my cycling trips done the weekend after the positive pregnancy test!
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