Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bishop Auckland - Brandon bridleway closure

I'm a little bit late to this party because I haven't been down on the lines from Bishop Auckland to Brandon for a while due to various reasons.

Notice of closure

Anyway, as you may be aware, the Eleven Arches construction is well under way and now the section of line leading from the viaduct car park along towards Willington and beyond is closed for the foreseeable future.

The path is fully closed at both ends

However, there is an alternative route that links Bishop Auckland and the line. This uses the A689 which can be quite busy, but the footpath is available. I know that cyclists aren't supposed to use the pavement, but this is wide, not particularly busy and I know you won't be misbehaving on it!
As stated the road is quite busy so be careful when crossing it. The footbridge is available but the many steps aren't practical for cyclists.

There map below shows where the closures are and how to avoid it. The green line highlights a wide track which is seeing more foot/bicycle traffic and with the wet weather is quite muddy, so bear this is mind.

Google Map handily annotated to show alternative route :)

The track incorporates the Strava segment "Brickworks Climb". I made this segment as the track goes around what used to be the old brick works. The track is in relatively good condition at the moment and is totally rideable. But when I made the segment, torrential rain had washed away the top surface, exposing all of the damaged and discarded bricks (see photo below).

This made for a interesting challenge on the Strava segment - picking your line was crucial
The picture below shows you where you would come down from, if you were coming from Bishop Auckland, or where to turn up if you have come towards Bishop Auckland.

At the bottom of the hill, next to the closure


  1. Thanks for that, have Sustrans been informed.

    1. To be honest, I'm not sure. From what Gary from Inspiral Cycles has said over on my Facebook Page (, the path will reopen but there is no idea on timescales. Permission to close the path was done correctly but the council didn't signpost the alternative route.


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