Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tour de Coniston - 25 April 2015

What is it?

This isn't an organised ride as such, just something Sam put together and looked like a really good route to do in a day. Basically, stay overnight in Coniston, ride around the lake the next day then head home the next. I'm classing this as an adventure cross ride as it takes in all sorts of terrain.

Where to stay?

We stayed in the YHA, Coniston Holly How. Rooms were great, showers were OK and breakfast plentiful. Coniston itself has a few pubs, the best we found was the Blackbull Inn which served all of the beers brewed at the Coniston brewery. A particular favourite was the Oatmeal Stout and the Bluebird lager (don't get a bit tipsy and ask for a pint of Blackbird).

The route

The route was a mix of all kinds of terrain. Gravel forest roads, forest single track, grassy sheep track, farm tracks and actual roads, Plenty of variation to keep you interested. Of course the scenery is stunning, as is always the case in the Lake District. Below is the route on Strava. It's appended "(almost)" as we set off later than intended and had to return the bike I had hired (mine was wrecked after the Moors and Shores ride earlier that month). So we had to drop down on to the roads for the last couple of miles. Dropping off the Scott Aspect 740 back at the boating centre was a bit of a relief; the plastic tyres had me slipping and sliding all over the show, but luckily there were no spills.


Here's a small slideshow of photos. Some sections had to be traversed on foot.


If you have 9 minutes to spare, the video below will show you just how spectacular the ride is. If you have a weekend coming up where you are looking for a ride with a bit of everything, this is it!

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