Sunday, 24 May 2015

Adventure Cross: Moors and Shores 2015

What is it?

Adventure cross is a relatively new type of event on the cycling calendar. Adventure cross events take you away from main, busy roads and out into more remote terrain to experience something a little bit different. The routes aren't accessible for road bikes, but cyclocross and mountain bikes are ideal. The routes are designed so that you can cover a greater distance than if you were to head out on a typical mountain bike ride, perhaps at a trail centre such as Hamsterley Forest, Whinlatter or Dalby Forest.
Routes contain a mixture of cycle paths, trails, rural roads and bridleways, with a small amount of tricky technical riding to keep you focused. Moors and Shores is the first adventure cross event I have participated in and it was really good.

Be prepared - adventure cross routes do venture off the beaten track

Which bike should I ride?

As stated above, a mountain bike or a cyclocross bike. Both have their advantages:
  • Cyclocross bikes are more suited to the smoother surfaces
  • Mountain bikes preferred over rougher, technical sections
  • Gearing is essential as there may be steep climbs

What was Moors and Shores like?

In one word - brilliant. In more words - really well organised, wet, muddy, huge fun, enough sweets cakes, bananas, water, tea at exceptionally well stocked feed stations, signposted impeccably and just absolutely great fun! Check out the video and route below:



Sounds great, where can I find out more?

Visit this link here to book an adventure cross ride.

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