Thursday, 30 April 2015

UPDATE - Auckland Way will finally be resurfaced


Last December, you may (or may not) remember this post, where I talked about how terrain changes make cycling harder. More specifically, there are two sections at the beginning and end of Auckland Way (at Brack's Farm, Bishop Auckland and Whitworth, Spennymoor) that are really rough and ready. Signs were erected by Durham County Council stating that the work was stopped due to bad weather and would resume in the spring of 2015.

Spring is here!

And so is this new sign, on the now-closed gate at Whitworth car park.

Work will soon start on Auckland Way
However, there was no such notice at Brack's Farm end of the railway path, so it can only be assumed that the work will either follow the completion of Whitworth or they haven't put up the notices yet.

Either way I'll be glad when it's finished!

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