Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Everyone encouraged to get on y'bike

I think that everyone should have the opportunity to make a decision as to whether they want to ride a bike or not, for what ever purpose - be it commuting to work by bike, for leisure or getting fit.

Cycling can be an expensive pursuit to get into. The important word in that sentence is "can". To be frank, you could spend thousands of pounds on bicycles and equipment if you really want to.

But! It need not be that way. Cycling should be affordable, available to everyone. And that is exactly what this post is about. A new cycling charity shop has opened up in North Road, Durham.

Recyke y'bike in Durham
Image taken from Durham County Council press release
The idea is that you donate your old bike, the mechanics at "Recyke y'bike" refurbish them to their former glory and are then sold at a discount price. Other bicycles are sent to Africa, where there is use is highly appreciated.

If you aren't quite ready to donate your bicycle, the shop does a repair service, which has been very useful for a friend of mine recently.

Read the full press release from Durham County Council below or click here.

"In addition to their successful Newcastle location, we're supporting community project Recyke y'bike to establish a second shop, this one on North Road, Durham City to increase cycling in the area.

You can donate unused bikes which are then fixed up by trained mechanics and volunteers at the charity. The majority of the bikes are then sold by the shop - to fund the project while also providing quality, low cost bikes for people in the area - with the remainder being sent to Africa to support school and community health projects.

As well as helping people who couldn't previously afford to take up cycling by offering cheaper, refurbished bikes, Recyke y'bike's trained mechanics can also help keep people on the road by offering repairs and servicing bikes.
Extremely worthwhile charity

Cllr Neil Foster, our Cabinet member for economic regeneration, said: "By supporting Recyke y'bike we're not only helping an extremely worthwhile charity but trying to make sure that cycling is affordable and open to everyone. As well as encouraging a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of travelling, and reducing traffic, it also cuts down on the amount of bikes being sent to landfill."

John Litherland, chair of Recyke y'bike, said: "We're delighted to establish the Durham bike shop in North Road and would like to thank Durham County Council for its support in making this possible.

"At Recyke y'bike our aim is to provide affordable, refurbished bikes and low cost accessories to encourage more people to cycle. To do this, our charity relies on the generosity of people who donate bikes. Most are re-sold here whilst others, some 530 bikes in the last year alone, are shipped abroad to aid disadvantaged communities in Africa.""

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