Monday, 29 September 2014

A change is as good as a rest

More like a change and a rest in this case...

I've just returned from my honeymoon, two weeks in Cuba, which was absolute bliss.

However, that meant no bikes. Not even a pedalo! There didn't seem to be many bikes in Cuba, except in Havana where there were lots of bicycle taxis, rickshaws.

So today, was my first day back at work and I jumped on my bike, keen as mustard. But, this morning, I went on my mountain bike, to determine whether it was going to be suitable for this weekend's biking weekender up at Glentress Forest. It is in need of a good service, but I'm pleased that it is indeed going to be OK for Saturday. After good clean tonight, tweak the brakes tomorrow or Wednesday and I'll be ready to roll!

I forgot how good it is to ride that bike. Sure-footed, quick and agile, I worked up a sweat on both commutes, blasting up the small inclines and anticipating the trails awaiting in the Scottish borders.

It felt good to be back on two wheels.

So if you feel that your regular riding is becoming a bit stale, do something radical. Don't ride for a week, maybe two. Or simple switch the bike, or style of riding. If you do a lot of trail riding, head on the quiet roads or vice versa.

Excited about riding again after a two week break, or care free rebel?!
On a side note, do cycling specific socks that specify which foot they should go on make a difference if they are on the wrong foot? I don't think so!

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