Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Making my commuting bike squeak-free - part 1

A bit of background

I love my commuting bike, my Scott SUB 35. It's a no-nonsense bike, easy to maintain and looks good too. A bit heavy on the back end with the integrated hub gears and steel rack, but it's perfect for my needs.

However there have been a couple of rattles and squeaks coming from it recently. After a few listens over the rough tracks of my commute I was able to pinpoint where these were coming from. They were pretty obvious really, only one proved to be a bit tricky to locate. Incidentally, they weren't coming from the bike itself; rather accessories added after I had bought it.

I'd heard that Sugru was an ideal tool in repairing all sorts of things, so I bought some and gave it a go.

Instead of boring you in one post, I'll spread them out over the next couple of days. First up:

Pannier Rack

This was the obvious rattle. It was behind me and sounded like two bits of steel clanging together. It was the spring loaded clamp on the top of the rack.

Sugru bumpers stop the pannier rack clamp from rattling over rough surfaces

How I did it

Really easily! You first must ensure that the surfaces that the Sugru is to adhere to is clean from dirt and grease. If you washed the surfaces, make sure they are dry. Open the foil packaging, and roll the Sugru in your fingers until it becomes pliable, like Plasticine you used to play with when you were a kid. Then just put in place and wait for it to set. It takes 24 hours to set fully, so make sure you do any repairs when you don't need the bike immediately. In this case, I allowed the clamp to partially close to make indentations on the Sugru, then used some clothes pegs to act as spacers until the Sugru had set.

Clothes pegs allow the Sugru to set without sticking the clamp permanently in place

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