Friday, 11 July 2014

No cycling, injuries and maintenance

It's been a quiet week on the bike front after last week's ride to Reeth and the Hamsterley 10k. I felt like I'd overdone it; my knees felt sore. Sore from the running I think, I haven't had sore knees from cycling since I got my cleats and saddle set correctly.

I lent a work mate some pedals and cleats for a triathlon he's doing on Sunday from my mountain bike. It was a bit depressing getting that bike out from under the stairs because it's been so neglected. Loads of commuting, the new road bike and upping the running means I can't remember the last time I went mountain biking.

I've still got a voucher from Christmas for a bike maintenance course. I think I'll save some cash for the inevitable replacement parts I'll need and then learn how to fit them properly!

Then I should mix it up a bit and get back to Hamsterley Forest on a Saturday morning.

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