Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Update on 2014 challenges

A few weeks ago, I posted about the challenges I had set myself for this year.

So far, I haven't completed any.

Spennymoor Cycling Club did the coast to coast route in the one day, with times ranging from 7.5 to 9.5 hours, which is fantastic. They currently have raised over £390 for +Teenage Cancer Trust on their page; donations are still being taken! ;-)

I decided not to partake in this challenge because I had not ridden very many miles in one ride and the bike I thought I had the use of, I wouldn't have been able to use for the ride. I have since bought a new road bike, a Genesis Volant 20, much to the "delight" of my wife, who wasn't too happy about it taking up space in the dining room. I argued it's a great looking bike, but she wasn't swayed by that so now it lives securely in the in-laws garage!

My new road bike - Genesis Volant 20
I will write a post about this bike in the future after a few more rides.

In terms of big rides this year then, I am doing the Virgin Money Cyclone event again as my friend Sam is doing it with a group with his workplace, but had a drop out. I'm glad to be offered a place, as last year it was a great day out. Other than that, Sam and I are discussing some other options for something a lot more epic.

As for the other challenges I had set, my running is looking OK at the minute but I need to increase my pace if I want to do the Great North Run in 90 minutes.

I will update about Cyclescheme's Super Commuters in another post.

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