Monday, 14 April 2014

It's always nice when customer service is good

I know that Halfords sometimes comes in for a bit of stick in regards to their cycling range. To be fair though, the Boardman road bikes are class - and that's just one of their range.

Anyway, last October I bagged a bargain pair of Schwalbe Land Cruiser tyres for my commuter bike to provide a tad more comfort and a lot more traction on the off road sections of my commute. I fitted them at the same time and they seemed great. However, a couple of weeks ago the rear tyre ruptured in the middle of the tread, shredding the inner tube and leaving me stranded (almost - I managed a basic fix using Sam's empty plastic bag of nuts that let me limp along for another couple of KM). The tyre had become really deformed and had a big bleb in it before it finally gave in. I had no choice but to carry on riding on it though.

Hole in tread of tyre
Seen from inside of tyre
The tyres had done around 500 miles and showed no other sign of damage. The front tyre is still in perfect condition. I checked the Schwalbe website as I was sure that this was a faulty tyre, but the directions on there said to take it to the place of purchase. I thought that I was resigned to having to buy a new tyre as I was sure that +Halfords would not see this as a fault. However, upon explaining the story, the guy on the bikes department checked the stock, found that there wasn't any available there and then and ordered one for me to pick up the next day. Sure enough I got a call and picked up my direct replacement tyre. Moreover, the current price of the tyres is more than I paid originally and I wasn't charged any extra. Fingers crossed that this one is as good as the front!

Sometimes just asking can be beneficial. I might have just disposed of the tyre and bought a new one.

How about you? Have you had any examples where customer service is beyond what you expected and surprised you?

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