Sunday, 16 March 2014

Challenges for 2014

Last year, the challenges I set myself were to run the Great North Run and to cover 2000 miles on bikes. I managed both so I was pleased with my efforts on New Year's Eve.
This year, I wasn't sure what to do. Do I up the mileage on the bike or try something different?

Well, as it happens I'm trying something different. I've never done the popular England coast to coast cycle route before, so when there was an offer of doing it from Chris from Spennymoor Cycling Club, I jumped at the chance hesitated at first then agreed to do it. The reason for my hesitation? Its in one day only. The route is generally done in a couple of days to break it up, 60-odd miles a day.

As well as that I'm also entered into the Great North Run again, so my aim is to complete it in 1:30:00. I managed 1:47:42 last year, so I think my new goal is possible.

The last thing which I hadn't planned on, but I'm extremely pleased about, is I have been chosen to represent the north east of England in CycleScheme's Super Commuter event. This means that I, along with 11 other cyclists around the UK, will be set a number of challenges throughout the year, the focus on encouraging people to try riding their bikes to work instead of driving. My first challenge is to review a commuting jacket I have been sent and film my commute with a helmet mounted camera. I'm really looking forward to it!

So please keep checking back to see how I'm doing and be sure to follow me on your favourite social network on the right of this page and give me encouragement! ;-)

What about yourself? Do you have any challenges set for this year?

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