Sunday, 22 September 2013

Quick blast on the Triad

On Friday night I was telling restless after a week off from cycling and running, following the Great North Run last Sunday. So with an hour to kill before tea, I headed out on my mountain bike. My intention was to blast right along Auckland Way as quick as I could, see if I could improve my time on the Strava segment leader board.

The track was way too busy to ride like that, it would have been irresponsible and could have hurt someone. So I turned off and rode down through Bluebell Wood. This singletrack was quite muddy and overgrown with holly bushes. I couldn't ride too quickly through that, I'd have ended up pricked and scratched to bits! This ride taught me a couple of things.

1) I have neglected my mountain bike, it needs a bit of TLC. The headset is loose and the front wheel seems to have a bit of a buckle in it.

2) I have neglected my MTB skills. I used to ride my mountain bike regularly and I don't anymore due to commuting on my hybrid bike and I've been running much more. There were a couple of sections on the ride where I felt I was pushing the bike or myself too far. In the past I'd have been more confident about it, but I want this time.

I got home, covered in mud and feeling good for getting out in the fresh air. I feel like I have been reminded just how fun it is to ride my mountain bike again and I hope to get out to Hamsterley Forest soon.

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