Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Support Sustrans' Cycling to Work campaign

"Support Cycling to Work: More and more people are desperate to get on their bikes but only 3% currently cycle to work. We are campaigning for a national cycle-to-work standard for all workplaces, to give everyone the choice of a smarter, healthier, cheaper commute."

The above quote comes from the Sustrans charity and is well worth signing.

I'm a firm believer that cycling to work results in a happier, healthier workforce. At least when I cycle into work, I'm happier and healthier (plus a little bit richer!)

I have calculated that:

So far I have done 47 commutes this year, so my bike is already paid for and I'm now saving money! (Focusing only on the bike purchase against fuel).

My bike was purchased by myself, not through a cycle to work scheme. I did try to get my company to enter into the scheme, but after much deliberation they decided it was not worth their while. Which is a shame, because there are maybe 6 or 7 bikes parked up in the rack on a good day. Had they participated in the scheme, the rack could be full, especially now that summer is here. Car parking is a problem at work, it really doesn't make sense that they made the decision they did.

As well as keeping fit, reducing congestion, helping the environment (albeit by a tiny amount), cycling to work can really help financially.

I also read this blog post yesterday from an American personal finance blog. Please have a read of it as it may be able to give you a better idea as to why bicycle commuting is a really great option.

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