Friday, 14 June 2013

Simple Rewards

Today I set my "driving" alarm when I intended to cycle into work. This meant I didn't get up early enough to cycle - no worries, Fridays are a noon finish at the moment. I planned to go for a ride in the afternoon instead.

We also needed some chicken for tea. We generally go to a wholesalers and stock up, so as the weather was looking good I would combine the two. My 20 litre rucksack is big enough for the packs of chicken so I got ready.

After a morning of sunshine, the rain started as soon as I stepped outside. Fairly typical! The ride to Sedgefield felt quick, I was really enjoying it as I was on a route I'd never been on before; or at least majority of it. I spent about 5-10mins at George Bolam's meat emporium, mainly faffing with Strava and music on my phone.

The ride home was much harder with 5Kg of chicken breast on my back! Nevertheless, it look me a similar time, despite going an alternative route.

I made it home just before my battery died, so my whole ride was captured. You can see this in the Strava widget in the right hand side bar, or by checking out all of my Strava activities on the tab at the top of the page.

After showering and getting changed I had that familiar feeling of accomplishment: rewarded with a hot shower, fresh clothes and feeling totally refreshed. I love this feeling after any exercise, whether it be cycling, running or football. It makes all the sweat and grimacing through the tough bits worthwhile! Tonight I also had the added reward of a meal made with some of the chicken I'd lugged around f for 12 miles or so. It was pasta and chicken breast in a pesto/cream/white wine sauce with onions and mushrooms. I don't if the dish has a proper name but it was delicious!

So simple things: a shower, clothes and food. On a typical day, these things generally don't get appreciated. But for me, after exertion, these are my rewards. I look forward to them as the routes winds it's way closer to home.

How about you? Do you reward yourself after cycling, or exercising in general?

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