Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shimano M475 freehub problem

Last Friday I rode my Triad 2.0 mountain bike to work as a bit of change and as it hadn't been out of the cupboard under the stairs for a while. I posted some basic tips on what to check over on a bike that has been stood idle for a while.

However, I didn't anticipate having the problems that I did encounter, especially on the return home. Pushing hard on the pedals was producing some strange slipping from the drive train. At first I thought it was the chain slipping on a worn tooth but it started to get worse. By the end of the commute I was able to pedal forward but get no drive at all from the rear hub. I was able to make a video of this:

It was after putting the bike away and thinking about what had happened to it that I remembered the problems I had on last year's big Lakes ride. I had the hub serviced at my local bike shop and if I remember correctly, I think the guy said it was on it's last legs.

I could try to clean it all out and re-grease and see if I get any joy. If not I could get a new hub relatively cheaply (£22) but as you'll see from the video, I'll need a new rear tyre, possibly replacement chainrings which will surely bump that cost up. Factor in getting the new hub laced in with the rim (because there is no chance I could do that), it's looking like a costly repair.

It's a real shame too because the weather is turning warmer and the trails are drying out.

Have you ever had any issues like this and if so, how did you overcome them?

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