Thursday, 11 April 2013

Google Map Maker - UK

Today Google announced that their map editing service is now available for UK users.

I am quite excited about this because I know that some cycling routes around the area here in Bishop Auckland are not shown on Google Maps. I think if the quieter, more scenic routes were shown, a lot more people would be interested in cycling between towns.

Hopefully I can contribute to this. I have started, by submitting the Auckland Way byway I use on my commute between Bishop Auckland and Spennymoor. The route drawing method is the same as making your own maps for private or shared use. However, defining the route seemed confusing and I'm relying on guidance from moderators for this.

A handy way of doing this would be to ride the route while recording using any GPS app that allows you to export the data as .gpx, .kml or .kmz and simply upload it. Maybe you can do that? Worth a look!

There hasn't been too many additions to the area yet, but it's early days.

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