Friday, 12 April 2013

Fixed gear bikes - a dying breed?

When I was looking at getting myself a commuting bicycle, I had a fixie in mind. Simple/almost no maintenance required, a fixie is a get on and ride, get home and put away kind of bike. You barely have to think about it other than when you are riding it.

However, I went for a geared hybrid and I'm glad I did. Having any gears is worthwhile, despite the weight penalty. When you feel tired coming home from work, pick up an injury or the weather is hindering you, gears are your friend! A helping hand when the going gets tough out on the road.

Last week, I read this article from Bikeradar. It seems I have made the newest fashionable choice! To be honest, I haven't seen many, if any, fixed or singlespeed bikes in the area. I have however, seen one electric bike - a man was pushing it towards Halfords as he'd suffered a flat.

I'll keep my eyes peeled!


  1. Want an excuse not to get a fixie? Check this out!

    1. Man that sounds nasty! Worst part is smashing your head off the road, could have been much worse!


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