Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30 Days Of Biking - End of month report

Two weeks ago I posted about #30daysofbiking and how I was faring.

Sadly, I haven't been out as much as I had since then. In total just 3 outings, covering 31.8 miles and taking my April total to 119.9 miles in 9 rides. That's still over 13 miles a ride, so not too shabby!
My year total at date of publishing stands at 550.7 miles, which is over a quarter of my 2000 mile goal for 2013 in a quarter of the year. So far I'm on track!

Things could be looking up physically as I've consulted a chiropractor about my leg issues and he has discovered I have some pelvic rotation which would go a long way into explaining why I have these problems. I'm confident that Andrew will correct any problems and I will continue the year injury-free.

How about you? Did you manage the full 30 days? Leave a comment below!

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