Sunday, 17 March 2013

St Patrick's day via bike

St Patrick's day is generally celebrated by everyone whether you are Irish or not! I love St Patrick's day; Guinness and Jameson's whisky are such a treat to the taste buds and I've been lucky enough to visit the brewery and distillery respectively.

So the day falls on a Sunday this year, which turns out to be pretty convenient for me. I always visit my parents in Toronto for Sunday dinner, as does my sister Gemma and my little nephew Jack. Its a good chance for us all to catch up. There's normally two cans of Guinness with my name on in the fridge too :-)

Thanks to the March Hare pub in Tindale, they emailed a voucher for BOGOF Guinness. Now there's an offer! I was to be meeting my friend Marc for football watching but he was having lunch at the March Hare. I formulated a plan:

- Get showered/changed
- Get on the bike
- Have lunch, catch up with the family, drink Guinness
- Get on the bike
- Go to March Hare, drink Guinness
- Get on the bike
- Go home and put bike away
- Go watch football, drink Guinness

So far I'm half way through this plan but I'm way behind schedule. I blame the Guinness!

Mam and Dad's to pub. Check it out on #strava:

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