Monday, 11 February 2013

Great North Run 2013

Last Thursday (7/2/13) I found out my entry in the ballot for the Great North Run this year was unsuccessful. I was disappointed, as some of my friends had made it in. I had decided to do it last year and run for the Butterwick Hospice charity, after the charity helped my Granda when he became ill, so this year I kept my decision.
As I was unsuccessful in gaining a place myself, Rebecca suggested that I contact another charity, Crohn's and Colitis UK.  In their summer newsletter last year, she remembered an article asking for volunteers to run. It seemed they fell short of volunteers so it seemed like sending an inquisitory email would do no harm. The next day I was offered a place in the NACC running team and I gratefully accepted!

Today (11/2/13), I received an email from the fund raising team at the Butterwick Hospice. They had had my details passed on to them as I had selected their charity, but wasn't drawn in the ballot. They had an extra 320 places left to fill and would I run for them? I thought that was fairly typical - don't get in initially then get offered two places! I politely declined as I had accepted the NACC's offer and paid my £50 entrance fee. In future, if I decide to enter again, I'll bear this in mind if my initial application is unsuccessful.

I'm not sure at the moment how this will affect my cycling. I could eventually run along my off road commute to work as that would be half the distance of the event. All in time I suppose. For now I'll set up a training program with my Polar heart rate monitor and start gently. I also have my IT band issue to sort out, which I hope will be soon with the purchase of a physio foam roller.

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