Monday, 21 January 2013

First real snow ride

Inspired by +Toni Lund and people having fun yesterday, I decided that I'd get in on the action tonight after work and take my mountain bike out for a spin in the snow.

I have a slightly bald rear tyre, which made for some interesting fishtail moments, but I didn't stack it into any drifts, which was a bonus. I also didn't have my main front/rear lamps, just my smaller head lamp and flashing LED strip attached to my Altura Night Vision jacket, but figured I'd stick to the pavements until I reached the start of my work commute - traffic free, barely any pedestrians or dogs and I knew the track well. I thought that the light from the head torch would be sufficient as the snow would be reflecting plenty of light. I was right!

I only had about an hour to spare so I thought I'd do around half of the Auckland Way and turn back. I was out for 1 hour 2 minutes and covered 6.4 miles. I stopped a couple of times to take photos - I saw three deer on Bishop Auckland golf course to my left but my phone camera wouldn't have been able to capture them. I was excited about half a mile further up the track when one of the deer joined the track in front of me and continued up it about 10m before disappearing across to the field on my right.

Triad 2.0 in the snow
I really enjoyed my first real snow ride, it was quiet challenging to keep the bike straight and the flow steady. Still, it was great fun!

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