Saturday, 15 December 2012

Maybe next time I visit Iceland

This impressive display was on a wall at Reykjavik main bus terminal. There was no chance of any off road biking on this trip due to the season and the fact we were here for Rebecca's birthday.
But in the summer months it would be awesome to be able to ride up and around volcanic craters and across lava fields. I also think it would be a bit dangerous to do that on your own. Maybe I could persuade Sam in a couple of years? Would we bring our own bikes? I don't know, its pretty pricey getting there, but if we did we have our own transportation for the entirety of the stay.
Ideally there'd be a photographer at the top taking a new photo to update the poster and it would be me, still riding to the top and not pushing the bike up absolutely knackered like the man currently is!

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