Sunday, 30 December 2012

Last commute of 2012

This is a retrospective post. My last commute was on 19/12/12.

I left work at 11:30 AM, so the commute was in daylight - a rare treat indeed this time of year! I'd noticed that a section of the Auckland Way looked a strange colour in the twilight  of dusk and dawn and under my LED front light. My pedalling also seemed to get a bit more laboured, as if the surface was exceptionally muddy. I could tell that some re-surfacing work had been done as I could see small bulldozer tracks at the periphery of the track. Plus it was a few feet wider.

So travelling home with a bigger smile on my face than usual, I was intrigued to see what had been done. It turns out that a layer of grey shingle had been spread quite widely over the existing track.
New surface works
In places it was very compact, but in others it was soft, like the surface material had been sprinkled over the top. This was the "riding on sand" effect I was feeling.
Soft section of track
It's an improvement, because there was a deep rut in this section, caused by some severe rainfall during the summer. However, I'm left wondering why the council had waited until it was winter and raining pretty much constantly to repair the track? It would make more sense to do it when it was dry so when they compacted it, it would stay compact rather than be torn up by bicycle wheels and walkers when it is wet and loose?
Rut caused by rainfall. Notice how narrow the track is in comparison!

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