Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas & New Year 2012

I was lucky enough this year to receive some great cycling gifts from my family and fiancee.

That's more than enough to keep me going through the winter months!

I hope that you gave and received some cool Christmas gifts (cycling or not) and more importantly, had a great time whatever you did.

I'd like to thank you if you have taken the time to read this blog over the last few months. I hope that you have enjoyed it and found some of it relevant. If you subscribed via RSS previously, I may have messed up your subscription by re-naming the blog and the URL. Have a check and please share if you don't mind!

I'll be continuing to write as I really enjoy it. It's something I didn't think I'd get into quite as much, but as the new year begins I shall be expanding the blog with more posts.

Thank you once again! I wish you a safe and prosperous New Year!

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