Friday, 9 November 2012

Flooded bike shop back in action

Recently the north east of England has seen some pretty wet weather, with many floods in places.
One such place was Newburn in Newcastle, where a bike shop succumbed to the deluge. As well as that, thieves broke in and stole £20K worth of bicycles. Its bad enough the owners livelihood had been destroyed by natural causes, but for thieves to make it much, much worse is a real low blow.
The fact the shop reopens on Saturday 10th November with the remaining 200+ bikes cleaned and serviced shows just how much could have been salvaged from the flood - if it had been left to be salvaged in the first place.
I'll be going to the sale in order to find myself a single speed commuter bike to save running my hard tail into the ground over winter. Sam and Stuart will also be there, possibly just browsing but also on the lookout for full suspension trail bikes. The sale will also include clothing and shoes.
I must admit I'm looking forward to picking up a bargain, but a little part of me feels like I'm taking advantage of people whose hand has been forced to sell their stock at really low prices. If the get rid of the flood damaged stock, they can rebuild the business, which I suppose is the redeeming element of helping the business out.
You can read a full news article by following the link below.

Newburn cycle shop is back in saddle after floods - Chronicle News - News - ChronicleLive

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