Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Getting into Strava

I've been using SportsTrackLive for a few years now to log my rides, but I've given Strava for Android a go. It does pretty much the same as STL (distance, time, altitude, pace etc) but it has the awesome extra feature that it allows you to add "segments" of your ride, so over time and further rides on the same course you can see how you are faring in the speed stakes. You can also see where other riders have been and made segments, so you can have a bit of friendly competition as you do it. It's strangely addictive and today I gave it a go to see how fast I could make it along the disused railway part of my commute.

First real goes using Strava

Second and third on the way to and from work respectively! Pretty pleased with that. Only 52 seconds off top spot in the southbound direction. I was behind a bloke all the way along the railway section tonight too, I couldn't get past him. It is pretty narrow and to be fair I didn't ask to be past as he was going at a canny pace. Maybe if I had gone past him I'd be sitting at the top of the leader board right now?

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