Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Cardiac arrest?!

On Monday's commute home I was having some trouble with my on-going attempts in heart rate training.
My heart rate constantly shot up to 229bpm, despite me barely pedalling. The strap was moist, in the right place and I'd restarted the thing 2 or 3 times. At one point, if I believed the HRM 100%, I should be dead. Up went my heart rate to 229, sat there for a bit beeping crazily at me then just dropped to 0. Not gradually decreasing, just 229 -> 0bpm, like my heart had exploded (it hadn't). In the end I just gave up and copied the morning's result for the evening as it felt about the same. Not precise I know, but hey.

I'd cleaned the back of the strap in the morning after the commute in so after returning home, I cleaned it again with a wet wipe and everything is OK now. I guess there was some kind of film/residue on the sensors.

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