Thursday, 19 July 2012

Heart Rate Training Equipment

I thought I'd best post about what exactly I am using to do my heart rate training.

Heart rate monitor

Polar F6. I've had this since October 2008 and is a very sturdy and generally reliable piece of kit. As I mentioned in the last post, I think the heart rate transmitter battery is run down and the signal is occasionally dropped. Time for another one, I think. Polar recommend changing the transmitter (you can't just replace the battery, it's a sealed unit) every 2 years, so I'm due a new one!

Training Diary

If you read through the HRM link above you would have seen that the F6 can upload it's exercise entries to an online training diary at This is where I've kept a training diary since I got the HRM and I've religiously stuck to uploading the files. A mine full of data, but is all of it useful?

This is yesterday's work commute home where I attempted to keep in the light intensity zone:

There isn't a great deal of information here regarding the zones: just how long I was in it and what the limits were. I have to know what the zone was, or work it out from your maximum heart rate. It would be handy to know how much time was spent above and below the zone too, but I think this is just a limitation with the F6. I've asked Polar and I'm waiting for a response.

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