Monday, 9 July 2012

Chopwell Woods - getting used to the weight!

On Saturday Sam & I had a 17 mile jaunt around Chopwell Woods and the surrounding area. You can find it in the map list at the top of the main page of this blog.
This was mainly cycle paths, but we didn't mind as we wanted some miles in with our full packs for the upcoming Lakes ride. Our packs are both 35 litre capacity, although I would hazard a guess that mine was 90% full. I attempted to weigh it, but our kitchen scales only go up to 5 Kg and it was way heavier than that - there was a full 2 litre hydration bladder in; that's 2 Kg right there!!

I wasn't expecting to feel so much more unstable with the heavier weight as it's held close to the body, but it is so much higher up it's unavoidable. I became used to this quite quickly, however. The thing that really did affect me was the pressure on my sit bones on the saddle. This was becoming relatively painful, so I'm at least glad I've experienced it and will know what to expect on the main event.

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