Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lakes Prep 1

Last Friday afternoon Sam & I completed a 14 mile route around Hamsterley Forest. The idea was to get a few miles in and do a couple of fun trails too.

This is all because the weekend after next we'll be heading over to the Lakes and taking in 2 passes - Hardknott & Wrynose in 2 days. It should be approximately 20 ish miles per day of particularly challenging terrain. Climbing Hardknott is nearly a 1:3 incline! Plus all the technical descents will surely fatigue our arms and upper bodies.

As this will be the first time we've done anything quite like this, we'll be staying the night in a camping pod, so there will be pretty full packs on our backs too. Depending on the success of this trip, we aim to then get involved in a full-on adventure bike style ride; bivvy bag and tarp out in the middle of nowhere.

Saturday will see us riding Bolts Law again. There's a post on this blog already about that ride. Similar distance to the planned Lakes trip, similar terrain in places too.

Check back soon for an update on how that goes!

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